Our History

Les resources familiales Jubilee Heritage Family Resources grew from the grassroots community beginning with the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, the Sudbury Women’s Centre and a group of community members.  The beliefs and values of these groups served as a basis for the agency mission statement and program philosophy.

The overall goal of the Women’s Centre was to provide education and to advocate for women’s equality.  In 1984 the Women’s Centre started to dream about creating a Family Resource Centre to meet the needs of their families.

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, founded by a community of Ukrainian immigrants, worked towards the most useful contribution of its members to Canadian Life. 

In approximately 1984, the A.U.U.C. established a Daycare Committee to continue their commitment to children by studying the feasibility of a daycare program for community families.  This commitment to children came from their history of establishing orphanages for children of deceased Ukrainian immigrants.

Coincidentally, the paths of the two organizations kept crossing. Recognizing that they had common values, they became partners in their respective goals to meet community needs.

In approximately 1988, the Playcentre/Joujoutheque of the Women’s Centre rented the Ukrainian Cultural Centre basement to provide programming that met the needs of the community families. 

The two organizations decided to pool their resources and envisioned a centre that would house both a Play Centre and a Daycare Centre.

The individual groups combined committees and approached the Ministry of Community and Social Services for funding to purchase and renovate the existing Cultural Centre. 

The dream became reality in 1992 when les resources familiales Jubilee Heritage Family Resources opened its doors to the public.

To this day, the rich heritage of women’s equality and beliefs of inclusion are reflected in the philosophy of Jubilee. We believe in an atmosphere of inclusion where families feel comfortable with their diversity and grow to their potential.  This belief in social responsibility extends to a family friendly workplace where employees are part of a comprehensive pension and group insurance package.