Parent Handbook 2023

11 Jubilee Heritage Family Resources Program Statement Jubilee Heritage Family Resources [JHFR] provides high quality childcare, parent supports and early learning programs that promotes the health and well being of the children and families in our community as stated in "How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years.” Through the four foundations, Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression, we provide goals for children and families and expectations for all early learning programs. We value and believe that Children, Families and Educators are competent, capable, curious, rich in potential and in experience. Building Relationships We understand the importance of building relationships with children, families, educators, environment and the community. We believe that these relationships will promote and nurture learning and development for everyone. "We all know that the stronger our partnerships and the deeper and more valuable our connections, the greater the benefit." (HDLH) Program Expectations Jubilee is committed to supporting environments that promote the expectations of the programs through the four foundations by: • Belonging: cultivating authentic, caring relationships and connections to create a sense of belonging among and between children, adults and the world around them. • Well-Being: nurturing children's healthy development and support their growing sense of self. • Engagement: providing environments and experiences to engage children in active, creative, and meaningful exploration, play and inquiry. • Expression: fostering communication and expression in all forms. Goals and Approaches Children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential We want to ensure that the view of the child is reflected as stated in the “How Does Learning Happen Framework". We follow our values and promote an environment that engages active learning through safe, healthy exploration, play and inquiry. We provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences. This allows children to be curious with a wide range of materials, allowing capabilities and competencies to have an optimal environment for development. We encourage children to make important decisions in their play and in their environment. Children are consulted and participate in creating play opportunities and