Parent Handbook 2023

10 Change of Enrollment A 2 weeks notice must be provided to any changes of Enrollment. The Change of Enrollment Form is available for families who wish to change their required days of care. The Change of Enrollment Form is available by speaking with the Lead of your program. This form documents your request for care to increase or decrease and is sent to our Billing Dept. to ensure you are accurately invoiced. Please note that enrollment changes must take place for a minimum of 8 weeks. Jubilee reserves the right to approve any changes in enrollment based on programs. Fees During Illness Parents must continue to pay regular fees when their children are absent due to illness. If illness is prolonged, the parent may choose to withdraw the child and rejoin the waiting list. They may be given priority when vacancies arise. Rate Increase Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will provide families/program users with two weeks notice of any rate increases. Fees Your daycare fees will be invoiced to you based on the childcare spot that you are using. In the event that there is no room in the next group for your child to move up, you will continue to pay for the spot the child is using. Once the spot becomes available for your child to move up, we will contact you to advise you. Upon enrolment you will be requested to provide a 2 weeks prepayment which will be applied to your first invoice. All daycare fees are due by the 15th of each month. A 2% late fee will be added to all unpaid balances after the 15th of each month. If you do not receive an invoice by the 10th of each month, please call our Administration Department at 705.674.3334 x 237 or You will have 14 days after this period to bring your account up to date or you will jeopardize your child’s daycare spot. If fees are not paid in full by the last day of the month, you will be asked to not return to the daycare and your account balance will be sent to a collection agency to recover monies owing. No cash or cheque payments will be accepted at any Sites or Providers homes. If you would like to issue a cheque payment, please mail it to 189 Applegrove Street, Sudbury ON. P3C 1N4. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources offers our families the convenience of direct payment. Your Record number is your account number, which can be found on your Account Statement just above your name. You may search for us in your Pay Bills section as Jubilee Daycare or Jubilee Heritage Family Resources. Late Fee Payment A late payment fee of 2% is charged to families who have an account balance after the 15th of the month. Key Cards and Parking Each family enrolled at 189 Applegrove will receive a key card at no charge. Should you require a secondary card, there is a $5.00 non refundable cost. Parking under the carport and on the street is at your own risk. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources assumes no responsibility to damage or loss of your property