Parent Handbook 2023

1 Jubilee Heritage Family Resources Parent Handbook Revised April 2023

2 Table of Contents Daycare Locations Page 3 Vision, Mission and Values Page 4 Welcome Page 5 Message from our Board of Directors Page 5 Centre Hours Page 6 Professional Development Days with Jubilee Page 6 Administration Hours Page 7 Daycare Rates Page 7 Home Childcare Rates Page 8 Full Fee Families Page 9 Subsidized Families Page 9 Medical Days Page 9 Vacation Credits Page 9 Withdrawal Page 9 Change of Enrollment Page 10 Fees During Illness Page 10 Fees Page 10 Late Payment Fees Page 10 Key Cards Page 10 Program Statement Page 11 Snacks and Lunches Page 15 Bag Lunch Policy Page 15 Arrival and Pick up Page 15 Transportation Page 16 Closure Due to Weather Page 16 Body of Water for LHDC Page 16 Clothing Page 16 Outdoor Play Page 16 Field Trips Page 16 Toilet Training Page 17 Labelling Items Page 17 Infant Schedule Page 17 Walking and Non walking infants Page 17 Outdoor Policy for Infants Page 17 Items to and from Home Page 17 Diapering Policy Page 17 Daily Reminders Page 17 Rest Policy Page 17 Serious Occurrence Page 18 Students and Volunteers Page 18 Immunization Page 18 Health Page 18 Health and Safety Page 19 Administration of Drugs Page 19 Prohibited Practices Page 20 Behaviour Management Page 20 Wait List Policy Page 21 Emergency Evacuation Procedures Page 22 Fire Evacuation Page 23 Harassment Policy Page 24 Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence Page 24 Client Issue Resolution Process Page 28 Ontario Child and Family Services Act Page 29 No Smoking Policy Page 30

3 JUBILEE HERITAGE DAYCARE LOCATIONS Applegrove Daycare 189 Applegrove St. 705-674-3334 ext.224 Lead: Natalie White Anishnabek Daycare 189 Applegrove St. 705-674-3334 ext.224 Lead: Natalie White Algonquin Daycare 2650 Algonquin Road 705-523-0586 Lead: Shannon Del Mastro St. Francis Daycare 691 Lilac St. 705-586-3254 Lead: Renee Pelletier MacLeod Daycare 23 Walford Road 705-523-5495 Lead: Sherry Harris St. Albert Daycare 504 St. Raphael St. 705-675-6629 Lead: Cindy Morrissey Home Child Care Program 189 Applegrove St. 705-674-3334 ext.232 Home Consultant: Bernadette Remillard South End EarlyON Centre Algonquin Public School 2650 Algonquin Road 705-523-0586 West End EarlyON Centre St. Francis School 691 Lilac Street 705-671-3199

4 Vision A responsive community where all children, families and staff are valued as competent and capable and have the right to accessible high quality early learning programs. Mission To ensure high quality early learning programs through the understanding of the four foundations for learning and development, which are: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression. Values What we do everyday has a lasting impact on children’s development, health and wellbeing as they grow and mature in our program. Therefore, through evidence based practice, we will promote, support and model: • An environment that engages active learning through safe and healthy exploration, play and inquiry. • Respect for self and others • Kindness, love, positive attitude • Individual growth for children, families, providers, staff and Board Members • Pedagogical learning opportunities through reflective practice. • Advocacy for families, as they are experts regarding their children • Collaborative partnerships

5 WELCOME! Introduction Welcome to Jubilee Heritage Family Resources. Our Agency provides services to families from birth to 12 years of age. The information in this handbook will provide you with everything you need to understand your child’s program and daily activities. Please feel free to speak to the Staff if you have any further questions or if you need more information. We will also rely on you to assist us in providing the best care for your child. We hope your stay with us is a pleasant one. Philosophy Jubilee Heritage Daycare, born from the support of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians and other concerned citizens, believes in the importance of respect and acceptance of diversity in people. We believe that in an atmosphere of inclusion, where everyone feels a part of the Centre, children will be confident, be comfortable with diversity and grow to their potential socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We believe that children learn best in an environment where the physical space, activities and interactions between people show positive messages about differences in people. In such an environment, children learn empathy and fair interaction with diversity. They develop critical thinking and skills for standing up for themselves and others in the face of injustice. Dear Parents & Guardians: The Board of Directors of Jubilee Heritage Family Resources would like to welcome you to our Jubilee family. We are proud of our collaboration with parents as the Board, Staff and Home Childcare Providers work to ensure quality care and learning programs with children as the focus. As our relationship with you grows, you may be interested in working with our Jubilee Board of Directors. We are an enthusiastic, dedicated group of individuals with diverse talents who work to lead the organization to continued success. Should you have an interest and would like to speak to a board member, please let your wishes be known to your program lead. We hope your family has a wonderful experience at Jubilee!

6 Centre Hours Jubilee opens its doors at 7:30 AM and closes at 5:30 PM Monday to Friday. With the exception of, our Algonquin site which is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. All children must be picked up by 5:30pm at our other centers. After 5:30 pm / 6:00 pm (Algonquin), on the Centre’s clock, a penalty of $1.00 for each minute is charged to the parent. Should you not arrive to the program, staff will place a call to your home to ensure the safety of your child. Algonquin Daycare: 7:00am to 6:00pm Toddler to School Age Care St. Albert Daycare: 8:30am to 3:00pm Infant to Preschool Care St. Francis Daycare: 7:30 am to 5:30pm Infant to School Age Care Applegrove Daycare: 7:30 am to 5:30pm Toddler & Preschool Care MacLeod Daycare: 7:30am – 5:30 pm Infant to School Age Care In Home Daycare: Up to 24hrs Infant to School Age Care DAYS OF OPERATION The Centre is open Monday to Friday excluding the following statutory holidays. Christmas Day Boxing Day New Year’s Day Family Day Good Friday Easter Monday Canada Day Victoria Day Thanksgiving Day Civic Holiday Labor Day Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will invoice all Full-Time Monday to Friday enrolled families all Statutory Holiday days. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will invoice all Part Time families the Statutory Holiday should it fall on a Jubilee recognized Statutory Holiday. ( EX: Should the Statutory holiday fall on a weekend, and Jubilee recognizes it on a Weekday, you will be invoiced if your regular enrollment falls on this day). Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will invoice all As Per Schedule families the Statutory Holiday if they request care on this day and care can be provide. St. Albert Site follows the school calendar and is not open during Christmas Break, March Break, Summer Break and PA days. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources Professional Development Days The Daycare may be closed up to 3 professional development days per year to support staff in their Professional Development. PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY THEIR REGULAR FEES FOR THESE DAYS. Note: The Daycare sites will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Christmas Break, March Break and Summer care for School Age Children is available to families. Should you wish to sign up, please speak to your Site Lead/Provider. Please be advised that once you have requested care you will be billed for the days even if child is absent from the Program.

7 ADMINISTRATION: HOURS OF OPERATION Administration Department is located at: 189 Applegrove Street. Sudbury ON. P3C 1N4 Hours of Operation: 7:45 AM to 4:15PM Monday to Friday Families are required to pay for daycare fees by direct bill payment through online banking. Jubilee will no longer accept cash or cheque payments. Shilpa Patel at 705.674.3334 x 237 or Jubilee Heritage Family Resources is part of the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care Program Site Daycare Rates Childcare Rate Infant 9hrs $27.65 Infant 10hrs $29.77 Toddler 9hrs $22.68 Toddler 10hrs $24.81 Preschool 9hrs $20.79 Preschool 10hrs $21.74 Before School $9.40 under 6 years Before School $18.50 over 6 years After School $12.00 under 6 years After School $18.50 over 6 years Before and After School $12.00 under 6 years Before and After School $18.50 over 6 years SAC 9hrs $17.25 under 6 years SAC 9hrs $40.50 over 6 years SAC 10hrs $18.90 under 6 years SAC 10hrs $44.00 over 6 years

8 Home Childcare Rates Infant 0-18months Hours of care Rates Codes Part Day 0-6hrs 14.89 I6 Full Day 6-9hrs 21.15 I9 Ext Day 9-12hrs 24.57 I10 Ext Day + 12-16hrs 28.90 I14 Ext Day ++ 16-20hrs 36.65 I16 Max Day 20-23hrs 44.73 I24 Toddler 18-30months Hours of Care Rates Code Part Day 0-6hrs 13.40 T6 Full Day 6-9hrs 19.19 T9 Ext Day 9-12hrs 20.44 T10 Ext Day + 12-16hrs 25.95 T14 Ext Day ++ 16-20hrs 33.43 T16 Max Day 20-23hrs 37.12 T24 Preschool 30months- school age Hours of Care Rates Code Part Day 0-6hrs 13.17 P6 Full Day 6-9hrs 18.08 P9 Ext Day 9-12hrs 20.16 P10 Ext Day + 12-16hrs 25.71 P14 Ext Day ++ 16-20hrs 33. P16 Max Day 20-23hrs 36.65 P24 School Age 4-12 years Hours of Care Rate Code Before School Up to 2 hrs 11.25 BS After School Up to 2 hrs 12.00 AS under 6 years After School Up to 2 hrs 14.55 AS over 6 years School Age Up to 4hrs 12.00 S4 under 6 years School Age Up to 4hrs 18.25 S4 over 6 years School Age 4-6 hrs 12.29 S6 under 6 years School Age 4-6 hrs 26.00 S6 over 6 years School Age 6-9 hrs 15.38 S9 under 6 years School Age 6-9 hrs 32.55 S9 over 6 years School Age 9-12hrs 19.69 S10 under 6 years School Age 9-12 hrs 41.65 S10 over 6 years School Age 12-16 hrs 25.19 S14 under 6 years School Age 12-16 hrs 53.30 S14 over 6 years School Age 16-20 hrs 32.73 S16 under 6 years School Age 16-20 hrs 69.25 S16 over 6 years School Age 20-23 hrs 34.19 S24 under 6 years School Age 20-23 hrs 72.35 S24 over 6 years

9 Full Fee Families Jubilee Heritage Family Resources requests a 2 week prepayment of care upon enrolment into our Program. Fees will be calculated at time of intake and payment is required before first day of care. The 2 week prepayment will be applied to your first invoice. Subsidized Families Jubilee Heritage Family Resources welcomes families who are in receipt of subsidy from the City of Greater Sudbury Children Services Department. Should you wish to begin care prior to subsidy approval, Jubilee requests an ongoing 2 week prepayment. Families who are in receipt of Subsidy may be directed by the City of Greater Sudbury to pay a Monthly Contribution to Jubilee. Monthly Contributions are due by the 20th of each month. Once subsidy has been approved, you will be reimbursed the 2 week prepayment minus any care that is not part of your subsidy approval. Families who have been approved through the City of Greater Sudbury for care based on their work schedule will adhere to our policy of providing a work schedule prior to receiving care. Schedules can be sent in on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Should you not be able to attend on the days you were scheduled to work (child sickness), you will be marked as absent. Please be sure to record this on your calendar that you send to Children’s Services each month. Medical Days (Does not apply to Home Childcare Program) Jubilee Heritage Family Resources supports families with ongoing medical treatments. Should a child be enrolled into programming with a pre-existing medical condition, Jubilee will not bill the family for days in which the child has to attend medical treatments. In order to honour this policy, the family must submit days requested for non- billing 2 weeks in advance. A doctor’s note for the treatment will be requested upon return to the daycare centre. Medical Days policy will only be approved for treatment of the pre-existing condition. This policy will only apply to children receiving medical treatment. Should a sibling be enrolled in a daycare program and absent due to their sibling’s treatments, they will not be credited for the absent days. Each case will be considered on a case by case basis with final approval of the Executive Director. Vacation Credits (Does not apply to Home Childcare Program) Vacation Credits may be used when families are away from the program and do not want to be invoiced for their absence. After each consecutive year enrolled in our programming (12 months from your start date), families will be allotted Vacation Credits based on their previous year’s enrollment in which the City and families will not be invoiced, and their space is held. If a family is enrolled for 4 days a week- family will be entitled to 8 vacation credits. Please note that unused vacation credits do not roll over into the next year and cannot be accumulated. Families are to request/inform their Lead of when they would like to use their vacation credits. Prior to advising/confirming families request, the Lead will confirm with the Office Coordinator the amount of Vacation Credits families are entitled to. Withdrawal A minimum of two week notice prior to withdrawing a child from care is required. Notice must be given to the Lead/Provider in writing. A Withdrawal Form will be provided to you. All fees must be paid before the child’s last day. If parents choose to give less than two weeks notice, they will be required to pay for the two week period. If parents are unwilling to follow the Centre policies and procedures, they may be required to withdraw their children from the program.

10 Change of Enrollment A 2 weeks notice must be provided to any changes of Enrollment. The Change of Enrollment Form is available for families who wish to change their required days of care. The Change of Enrollment Form is available by speaking with the Lead of your program. This form documents your request for care to increase or decrease and is sent to our Billing Dept. to ensure you are accurately invoiced. Please note that enrollment changes must take place for a minimum of 8 weeks. Jubilee reserves the right to approve any changes in enrollment based on programs. Fees During Illness Parents must continue to pay regular fees when their children are absent due to illness. If illness is prolonged, the parent may choose to withdraw the child and rejoin the waiting list. They may be given priority when vacancies arise. Rate Increase Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will provide families/program users with two weeks notice of any rate increases. Fees Your daycare fees will be invoiced to you based on the childcare spot that you are using. In the event that there is no room in the next group for your child to move up, you will continue to pay for the spot the child is using. Once the spot becomes available for your child to move up, we will contact you to advise you. Upon enrolment you will be requested to provide a 2 weeks prepayment which will be applied to your first invoice. All daycare fees are due by the 15th of each month. A 2% late fee will be added to all unpaid balances after the 15th of each month. If you do not receive an invoice by the 10th of each month, please call our Administration Department at 705.674.3334 x 237 or You will have 14 days after this period to bring your account up to date or you will jeopardize your child’s daycare spot. If fees are not paid in full by the last day of the month, you will be asked to not return to the daycare and your account balance will be sent to a collection agency to recover monies owing. No cash or cheque payments will be accepted at any Sites or Providers homes. If you would like to issue a cheque payment, please mail it to 189 Applegrove Street, Sudbury ON. P3C 1N4. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources offers our families the convenience of direct payment. Your Record number is your account number, which can be found on your Account Statement just above your name. You may search for us in your Pay Bills section as Jubilee Daycare or Jubilee Heritage Family Resources. Late Fee Payment A late payment fee of 2% is charged to families who have an account balance after the 15th of the month. Key Cards and Parking Each family enrolled at 189 Applegrove will receive a key card at no charge. Should you require a secondary card, there is a $5.00 non refundable cost. Parking under the carport and on the street is at your own risk. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources assumes no responsibility to damage or loss of your property

11 Jubilee Heritage Family Resources Program Statement Jubilee Heritage Family Resources [JHFR] provides high quality childcare, parent supports and early learning programs that promotes the health and well being of the children and families in our community as stated in "How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years.” Through the four foundations, Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression, we provide goals for children and families and expectations for all early learning programs. We value and believe that Children, Families and Educators are competent, capable, curious, rich in potential and in experience. Building Relationships We understand the importance of building relationships with children, families, educators, environment and the community. We believe that these relationships will promote and nurture learning and development for everyone. "We all know that the stronger our partnerships and the deeper and more valuable our connections, the greater the benefit." (HDLH) Program Expectations Jubilee is committed to supporting environments that promote the expectations of the programs through the four foundations by: • Belonging: cultivating authentic, caring relationships and connections to create a sense of belonging among and between children, adults and the world around them. • Well-Being: nurturing children's healthy development and support their growing sense of self. • Engagement: providing environments and experiences to engage children in active, creative, and meaningful exploration, play and inquiry. • Expression: fostering communication and expression in all forms. Goals and Approaches Children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential We want to ensure that the view of the child is reflected as stated in the “How Does Learning Happen Framework". We follow our values and promote an environment that engages active learning through safe, healthy exploration, play and inquiry. We provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences. This allows children to be curious with a wide range of materials, allowing capabilities and competencies to have an optimal environment for development. We encourage children to make important decisions in their play and in their environment. Children are consulted and participate in creating play opportunities and

12 arranging their environment to better meet their needs. Children are capable to carry on with detailed tasks and allow them to take part in daily routines and jobs such as set up and serve themselves at meal times, cleaning up, setting up invitations of play and exploration. Understanding that children communicate differently at different age levels and adapting our communication style to connect to each individual child. The children show curiosity through questioning the world around them and wanting to know more. They motivate us to think about our invitations for play and to provide them with new ideas of how they make sense of their environments, interact with their peers, and how they can use the materials in many different ways. We allow children to explore and discover their own abilities and limitations through risky play. Health, Safety, Nutrition and Well Being of Children JHFR follows policies set out by the Ministry of Education, Public Health Sudbury and Districts, Revised Canada’s Food Guide and Nutrition Recommendations for Licensed Child Care Providers in Canada. We role model in a positive manner to develop healthy habits, like eating healthy meals with the children which includes drinking water as their drink of choice and ensuring it is available to each child at all times through the day. We encourage “Power-Off and Play” to offer opportunities for daily engaging physical activities and gross motor play outdoor and indoor. Outdoor play meets all the developmental domains and supports physical literacy. We ensure children as well as ourselves are appropriately dressed to play outside in all kinds of weather. We promote and support independence, a healthy self esteem and confidence by allowing children to take on daily responsibilities such as dressing themselves, personal hygiene, washroom routines and mealtimes. We support children’s mental health through self-regulation by providing them with strategies such as breathing, labelling emotions, and opportunities that allow them to express how they feel and what they need, and model empathy and sympathy for appropriate emotional expression. We also provide them with a quiet space to retreat and to find comfort when needed, demonstrating respect towards children as unique individuals. Health and Safety meetings are held quarterly to provide updates on health and safety procedures. Positive Learning Environments We as leaders promote positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents, childcare providers and staff by modeling an inclusive, respectful, understanding and empathetic environment. This will be seen through self-reflection, active listening, working and communicating as a team and being held accountable to the College of ECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and agency's policies. "Every child is a capable communicator who expresses himself or herself in many ways." (HDLH) Knowing and understanding the children within our programs, we will support their abilities to self-regulate in a positive way. When creating a safe, calm and rich environment, we will lead by example through our tone of voice, body language, patience and demonstrating empathy. Being mindful of using age appropriate communication when speaking to children to make the most effective communication possible. Getting to know the children, understanding their cultures, identities and their stories will support them in building positive relationships with others and their environment. Children will be supported in learning self regulation by providing consistent, developmentally appropriate and positive redirection. By teaching awareness of emotions, we can provide children with calming and coping techniques and age appropriate emotional responses. We will refer to the documents “Supporting Positive Interactions with Children”,

13 “Children See Children Learn” website, “Triple P Tip Sheets” and the “Resource Binder” with multiple resources located in each environment. "Educators can play an important role in supporting self-regulation by providing environments that reduce stressors while recognizing and supporting children’s efforts and increasing ability to self-regulate. Educators can also support children’s developing ability to self-regulate by being responsive and attuned to children’s individual cues, arousal states, and responses to various stressors. And they can help children learn strategies for becoming or staying calm and focused by enabling them to recognize and modulate their emotional states and impulses and become more aware of the effects of their actions on others." (HDLH) Through collaboration, observations, documentation and learning stories, we can identify the children’s interests. Our planning is used as a guide in directing our focus in meeting the needs of the children, and Padlets are used as supporting documentation of their learning. Offering children open ended materials, tools, invitations, planned as well as spontaneous experiences, we are creating the ideal positive environment for learning opportunities that will foster the children's exploration play and inquiry and support their learning and development. Using the environment as the Third Teacher can enhance their skills in positive group interactions, communication, and reflection. It is not about the product but the process. We incorporate indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest and quiet time, into the day, and give consideration to the individual needs of the children receiving care. Individual Support Plans are developed when needed to support a child’s identified needs. We focus on the strength and interests of each child to ensure their optimal development while engaging with their peers in a meaningful way. We complete Ages and Stages Questionnaire and the Wordplay Checklist: Speech and Language Developmental Milestones on each child to help with planning developmentally appropriate activities that meet each child's individual needs and interests. We also do daily observations through positive interactions with the children and record their findings with Learning Stories and documentation. Parent Engagement and Communication We communicate with parents and guardians daily to strengthen and foster the engagement of and the ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children’s needs and development. Information about the children’s well-being and care is exchanged either through verbal or written communication and electronically such as Class Dojo, Facebook and emails. Staff and providers work with the parents/guardians by valuing their input and being sensitive and knowledgeable to all needs, culture and values. Staff and providers consult with the parents/guardians on how best to approach concerns on sensitive issues regarding their children by offering support, resources and referrals to local agencies. We also role model active listening with the parents to be a co-learner in their children's developmental growth and encouraging mutual respect between families, staff and providers. "When educators establish positive, authentic, and caring relationships with families and provide a safe, non-judgemental environment for shared learning, everyone benefits." (HDLH) Community Connections We strive to have collaborative partnerships to build community connections and promote inclusion. We meet as needed with community partners to support children and families’ individual needs. Individual Support Plans are developed in consultation with all community partners involve as well as the parents to

14 ensure that all children have the same opportunities to fully participate in our programs. We promote opportunities to engage learning, support families, children, educators and the community, so that we have meaningful experiences to promote a sense of belonging. Everyone will benefit from those experiences as we grow, listen and learn from each other. This is visible as we work together in finding resources and solutions that will meet the needs of our families in our community. We will refer to and share the “Sudbury/Manitoulin Community Resource List” with families. Virtual meetings are also available to support families. "Opportunities to engage with people, places, and the natural world in the local environment help children, families, educators, and communities build connections, learn and discover, and make contributions to the world around them." (HDLH) Professional Learning Continuous Professional Learning is important to keep current in our profession to run quality programming and to support families attending our programs with their parenting challenges and needs. Jubilee is committed in supporting staff and providers with pedagogical learning opportunities through reflective practice, professional development, mentoring programs, webinars, agency's professional development day, reflective practice evenings, book studies, community workshops, succession planning, independent research through online articles and books and related consultations with peers. All staff and providers are encouraged to sign up on the city’s Early Learning Professionals website Early Learning Professionals ( which will give them opportunity to register for professional development that is happening in the community Stay Connected ( Staff wishing to attend, will submit a written request to their Site Lead using the Professional Development Request/Transfer to Practice Form. All staff and providers will abide by the CECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. "When educators engage in continuous learning and questioning, exploring new ideas and adjusting practices, they achieve the best outcome for children, families, and themselves." (HDLH) Revised March 2023

15 Parents are Encouraged to Participate by: ·Sharing cultural and family diversities · Joining in on a field trip · Sharing an event or talent with the children · Other idea? Share with the staff/provider In order to ease your child’s integration into day care we recommend the following: -Plan a visit to the daycare with your child before admission -Spend time with your child on their first day -A favorite bear or blanket will often help to reassure your child in difficult moments. Get to know the people who will be spending their day with your child. Snacks and Lunches Programs provide meals and snacks and have menus that are posted at each site. Good nutrition and the promotion of healthy attitudes towards food are an important part of the program. Parents are required to provide food if their child is under 12 months of age. PLEASE INFORM THE LEAD IF A CHILD HAS FOOD/OTHER ALLERGIES, SPECIAL DIET, ETC. In the infant rooms, parents are asked to provide a written schedule of lunch time feedings. Children 12 months and under, parents must supply their infants with food. Parents are responsible to cut their food to the according size. All bottles must be completely prepared whether its formula or whole milk until the child no longer requires a bottle. Staff eat with the children, children are encouraged to try everything and to feed themselves. Full day school age program children will be required to bring a bagged lunch. Bag Lunch Policy If school-age children are attending a full day program (i.e. Christmas, March Break, P.A. Days), it is the parent's responsibility to provide lunches. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by the daycare. Please follow the following procedures: If a Thinsulate lunch bag is used, please ensure that cold packs are used if items need refrigeration. If a brown bag is used, then the labelled bag can be placed in our refrigerator (if available). All lunch bags are to be labelled with the child’s name. Please ensure no peanut butter or nut products are brought to the site (this includes “may contain products”). All foods sent must follow good nutrition and the Canada’s Food Guide A few examples of recommended food items are: Fruit, Crackers, Granola, Bread, Cheese, Milk, Cold Meat, Yogurt, Fruit Juice, Vegetables. Our Program is a Peanut/Nut safe environment. Do not include foods which are low in nutritional value and/or high in sugar content including for example: Potato Chips, Pop, Candy, Chocolate Bars. A list of all allergies is posted in the classroom. If at any time a child has a life threatening allergy we will ask parents not to send foods that may contain that allergen. Should a child forget their lunch or does not meet nutritional requirement, a phone call will be made to the parent to arrange to have one dropped off. If time doesn’t permit, Jubilee will supply a lunch for the child. Arrival/Pick up Parents are responsible for dropping their children off and picking them up at the Daycare. Staff /Provider need to be notified if their child is to be picked up later than usual or by anyone other than the parent. We ask that children be dropped off before 9:30 to receive the full benefits of our programming. Parents will be expected to sign their children in and out daily, confirming hours of care received.

16 To ensure the safety of all children and due to staffing ratios in our infant rooms it is required that the parent abide by their times of care. If you should need to change their times of care, they will need to give the daycare 2 weeks notice before putting this into place. Children will not be released to persons other than the parents and anyone on the authorization form, photo identification is required. In the event that any authorized person picking up a child is intoxicated or is deemed unsafe in any way, staff are instructed to arrange for an alternate authorized person. If staff is unsuccessful in doing so, the Greater City of Sudbury Police Dept. and the Children’s Aid Society will be contacted. Transportation Staff will not be able to release a child to any unauthorized volunteer CAS or taxi drivers. Taxi drivers must show photo identification at pick up. Closure due to Weather When weather dictates closure of Sudbury Transit services, the Centre will be closed. The parents are responsible for listening to social media for these announcements. If closure occurs during the day, parents will be contacted immediately to pick up their children. Body of Water for Home Child Care Program Prohibit the use of and access to all standing bodies of water (e.g., ponds) and recreational in-ground / aboveground swimming, portable / "kiddie" / inflatable wading-type, and hydro-massage pools, hot tubs, and spas located on the premises of any single or multi dwelling private residence, including a provider's own house, townhouse complex or apartment building where the provider resides, for children under the supervision / care of the contracted private-home day care provider in his / her capacity as a child care provider during operating hours. Continue to ensure that, where applicable, all LHDC homes that have standing bodies of water / swimming pools are in compliance with local by-laws requiring private residences with standing bodies of water / pools etc. in their catchment area to have an enclosure (e.g., fence and a latched gate). Clothing Please dress children in comfortable washable clothing- THEY WILL GET DIRTY! The following is required AT ALL TIMES: complete change of clothing- socks, underwear, shoes, sunscreen, diapers, wipes and special lotions or creams. SUMMER: sun hat, swimsuit, shorts, towel SPRING/FALL: boots, rain wear WINTER: snowsuits, boots, hat, scarf, mittens Outdoor Play Weather permitting, the children will play outside daily. Staff will bring children in when they appear to be cold. During hotter weather, the staff will use caution providing shade and drinking water. The staff will also monitor the air quality and smog advisories. If necessary, indoor activities will replace outdoor schedule. Field Trips Trips are made to special places of interest. Parents will be informed and written consent will be required for each trip. You are welcome to join us.

17 Toilet Training Consistency between home and daycare is extremely important. Once your child shows signs of readiness, staff and parents will work together to ensure continuity and a positive experience. Labelling Items All parents will be required to label all items from home. This includes food, bottles, clothing, sippy cups and blankets. All food and bottles will be placed in the fridge with the child’s labels. Infant Schedule Upon start date, parents will be required to submit a written schedule of their child’s daily routine. This will include times for bottles, food and sleep. This will apply to all children under 12 months of age. Walking/Non Walking Infants All Educators will ensure that walkers are guided away from non walkers. This is to ensure that non walkers do not get injured. Outdoor Play for Infants The infants will have outdoor time, weather permitting. They will have the chance to play in the playground or go on neighbourhood walks. If a child is sleeping, an educator will be responsible to attend to the child in the playroom. Items to and from Home Children are welcome to bring special blankets and stuffed toys for comfort. Jubilee is not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings. Please note this includes any electronic devices brought from home. Items to bring on first day: Soother, bottles, clothing, diapers, baby wipes, blanket (if your child has a special one). Diapering Policy All parents will be responsible for supplying their child with the proper diapers and wipes. They can be brought in on a daily basis and if storage is available they may be able to supply a pack of diapers. Any ointment for the child will be supplied by the parent. Educators will change the children when required and follow the diapering procedures posted by the diapering station. Daily Reminders Please check the parent board daily for information as well as your child’s locker/and or mailbox for soiled clothing, art, messages etc. It is your responsibility to sign your child in and out everyday with the time and initials. Failure to do so, may result in family being invoiced until centre closure. Rest According to the Child Care and Early Years Act, each child in a licensed toddler or preschool group who receives child care for six hours or more in a day has a rest period each day not exceeding two hours in length and each child in a licensed toddler, preschool or kindergarten group is permitted to sleep, rest or engage in quiet activities based on the child's needs.

18 Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will consult with parents respecting their child’s sleeping arrangements at the time the child is enrolled and at any time there is a change such as at transitions between programs or at the parent’s request. Written documentation will be included in the child’s file to reflect the child’s sleep patterns and updates will be added when they occur. In the infant programs, parents are asked to provide a written schedule of nap times. Rest time with infants will be based on the children’s individual schedule. All infants must be placed on their backs at all times. This is consistent with recommendations set out in the most current version of the Joint Statement of Safe Sleep: Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada, a document endorsed by Health Canada. It can only be waived if a note from a medical doctor is submitted to the agency and kept in the child's record. No bottles at any time will be left with an infant in the crib. Soothers will be permitted in the crib. Serious Occurrence When a Serious Occurrence happens, a notification form will be completed and posted on the parent board in an accessible place in the center/home at or near the entrance commonly used by parents. The Serious Occurrence Notification Form is posted for a minimum of 10 business days. If the form is updated with additional information such as additional actions taken by the operator, the form remains posted for an additional 10 business days from the time of the update. Students and Volunteers The Board of Directors and the staff of Jubilee Heritage Family Resources believe that a placement for a volunteer or student is a valuable opportunity to build experience while learning about working within a child care setting. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources may have Co-op and Early Childhood Education students completing practicum or volunteers working within the centre throughout the year and will ensure that each volunteer and student is supervised by a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Students and volunteers will not be left alone with the children, their mentor will accompany them at all times. No child is supervised by a person under 18 years of age. Only employees will have direct unsupervised access to children. Volunteers and students may not be counted in the staffing ratios. Immunization All children’s immunization must be up to date as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health prior to admission. Exemptions may be granted following appropriate procedures. This information is kept on file. A doctor’s note may be required before returning to the Centre for: Unusual rashes or spots, discharge from eyes, or any other symptoms indicative of a contagious disease. Staff will monitor the children for any of the following: fever, severe coughing, earaches, contagious disease and diarrhea. Children too ill to take part in daily activities cannot remain at the Centre. Health Sick children cannot be accommodated in our programming. Children with any of the following must remain absent from the program: until they have received medical attention and medication administered for 24hrs. pink eye, impetigo and head lice **In the case of head lice, children will be re-admitted when treatment is given and when nits and lice are no longer on the hair. Children who are suffering from Vomiting or Diarrhea must remain out of the program for 48 hours after their last occurrence. CHILDREN NOT WELL ENOUGH TO KEEP UP WITH PROGAMMING MUST BE KEPT AT HOME.

19 Health & Safety DUE TO SEVERE ALLERGIES; This is a Nut and Fragrance Safe environment. No nuts or nut products are to be brought into the building. Please check labels of all products brought into the Centre. Please refrain from using scented body sprays and perfumes Anaphylaxis-All children with severe identified food allergies are to supply their EpiPen and will be required to complete an Individual Health Care Plan prior to enrolment in the program. Parent/Guardian and Site Lead will complete the IHCP together to ensure all information and emergency procedures are included such as type of allergy, a description of symptoms, monitoring and avoidance strategies and appropriate treatment. The IHCP will be made readily accessible at all times to all staff and students at the centre. All staff and students will be trained on our Anaphylactic policy. For safety reasons medication cannot be left in children’s lockers, school bags or diaper bags. For kindergarten and School Age children, they will be able to keep their puffer and/or EpiPen in their backpack/fanny pack. Please complete the Medication Administration form if your child requires medication while in programming. Administration of Drugs/Medication WHENEVER POSSIBLE, PARENTS WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE MEDICATIONS TO THEIR CHILDREN AT HOME. IN THIS WAY, THE CHILD CAN BE CAREFULLY OBSERVED FOR ANY MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS OR ALLERGIC REACTIONS. 1. Only prescription medication can be administered by staff. A written authorization form from the center must be completed and signed by the parent. Separate forms must be used for each prescription. 2. Non-prescription over-the-counter topical lotions that are non-medicated (sun screen, moisturizing skin lotion, lip balm, insect repellent, hand sanitizer and diaper cream) must be accompanied by a signed authorization form located in the intake package 3. Children in the school age program may be allowed to carry their own asthma medication or emergency medication after safety factors have been reviewed by guardian and staff. 4. A prescription medication will be administered, at the facility, if: a) The medication is in the original container, as supplied by a pharmacist b) The medication has recently been prescribed, for the child, as evidenced by the date the medication was dispensed c) The prescription medication has not expired d) The label on the prescription container is clearly marked e) Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will administer drugs and medication to children as prescribed by a Physician and according to Ontario Regulation 137/15 of the Child Care & Early Years Act.

20 Procedure for Parents A. Provide staff members with prescribed medication B. Provide directions on how to administer medication C. Fill out written Authorization Form provided by Agency D. Ensure prescription label has the following: child`s name, name of medication or drug, dosage and time for administering medication or drug, the date of purchase and expiration, if applicable, and instructions for storage and administration E. Speak to staff each day about medication administered to child Prohibited Practices No licensee shall permit, with respect to a child receiving childcare at a childcare centre it operates or at a premise where it oversees the provision of childcare, a) corporal punishment of a child; b) physical restraint of the child, such as confining the child to a high chair, car seat, stroller or other device for the purposes of discipline or in lieu of supervision, unless the physical restraint is for the purpose of preventing a child from hurting himself, herself or someone else, and is used only as a last resort and only until the risk of injury is no longer imminent; c) locking the exists of the child care centre or home child care premises for the purpose of confining the child, or confining the child in an area or room without adult supervision, unless such confinement occurs during an emergency and is required as part of the licensee's emergency management policies and procedures; d) use of harsh or degrading measures or threats or use of derogatory language directed at or used in the presence of a child that would humiliate, shame or frighten the child or undermine his or her self-respect, dignity or self-worth; e) depriving the child of basic needs including food, drink, shelter, sleep, toilet use, clothing or bedding; or f) inflicting any bodily harm on children including making children eat or drink against their will. Research from diverse fields of study shows that children who attend programs where they experience warm, supportive relationships are happier, less anxious and more motivated to learn than those who do not. Experiencing positive relationships in early childhood also has significant long-term impacts on physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond. (HDLH) Behavior Management 1. Educators will refer to the Program Statement and documents "How Does Learning Happen?" and "Think Feel Act" on positive approaches in helping children to self- regulate, build positive relationships with each other, educators, families, the community and the environment. 2. Educators will consult with the parents, for they are the expert of their children on their development and well being. 3. Educators will abide by the College of ECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 4. Should further support be needed, Educators will consult with community partners to best meet the needs of the child. A meeting will then be scheduled that will include the parent, educator, Site Lead and all community partners needed to develop an Individual support plan.

21 Wait List Policy Jubilee Heritage Family Resources provides care to families in each of our daycare centers and our Home Childcare program. The selection of children for admission to JHFR is administered in accordance with our Waiting List Policy. The purpose of the Waiting List Policy is to ensure a fair process is followed and communicated to all involved. Each family requesting care will place themselves on the Childcare Registry via link: The family will place their child on their selected Daycare Centre waitlist. Jubilee does not charge the family or collect a fee or deposit for the placement of a child on the waiting list for admission in our childcare centre or Home Childcare Program. Jubilee will offer families a spot in our program based on the Childcare Registry and the program availability. When a space is available, we will call you or e-mail (if applicable). Every effort will be made to contact you. Telephone or email notification must be returned within 3 business days after which we will contact the next family on the list. Parents who decline a space or do not return notification within 3 business days, will be removed from the wait list. If the offered space does not meet your preferred start date, you will be removed from the waitlist and you will need to update your application’s preferred start date. Families who have been removed from the Childcare Registry will receive notification from the City of Greater Sudbury that they have been removed from the waitlist. Parents who accept an available space offered to them shall be liable for all payments for the space from the date it is reserved for their child. A returning family will not be given priority. If parents wish to withdraw their child/children from the day care for a period and then re-apply for admission at a later date, (e.g. withdraw for the summer months or parental leave) you will be required to re-apply to the Jubilee waiting list on the Childcare Registry. Please note that this excludes our St. Albert site which is closed for the summer months. Waitlist Administration and Priority: When JHFR has spaces available for registration to one of our daycares, the Site Lead refers to the Childcare Registry for applications. The Childcare Registry waitlist list is organized using the following information: A. Registration date B. Space Required date C. Age group 1) Infant: between birth and 17 months 2) Toddler: between 18 months and 30 months 3) Pre-schooler: from 31 months to 5 years D. Priority group 1) Children already enrolled (e.g. part time waiting for full time, internal transfers) • St. Albert Site: Priority goes to the children of the students attending St. Albert Adult Learning Centre. 2) Siblings of children already enrolled 3) Children of staff working at JHFR

22 4) Children of employees in our school based centres 5) Children not affiliated with JHFR When a space becomes available within JHFR, Site Lead assigns the space to the first child on the waiting list. NOTE: The JHFR Executive Director and Manager of Family Services reserves the right to manage the waitlist in the best interest of JHFR daycares. If the new applicant requires Subsidize child care, the application date is effective on the date we receive confirmation from the City of Greater Sudbury that Subsidy has been approved. Families may choose to start their enrolment in the daycare prior to Subsidy approval, however, they will be required to pay full fees for this period. Waiting Times It is impossible for us to predict how quickly our waiting list will progress. Therefore, we can NOT give an approximate entry date. There are exceptions and the waiting time is affected by the number of spaces available and the time of year. Many people submit their name to the Childcare Registry waiting list, however it may take up to but not limited to 6 months to a year before their need arises. Emergency Evacuation Procedures Evacuation Procedures: Jubilee Heritage Family Resources has Emergency Management Policies and Procedures for all sites in which staff will follow to ensure the health and safety of all children and families. All daycare staff responsible for children will check attendance prior to exit and again when outside. Emergency information about the children will be kept with the attendance clipboards. Emergency bags, daycare cell phones/walkie-talkies and children's medication will be taken by the educators to the evacuation point. Lead Educator or Designate will oversee roll call of children, staff, students and volunteers. Any missing person will be reported to the emergency personnel (firefighters, police officers, etc.) Educators will ensure that all children are supervised at all times with periodical head counts. Communication with Parents: Parents will be notified by phone should children need to be picked up immediately. Parents will be notified daily, either upon drop off or pick up, of any emergency disruption that occurred in the program and fire drills. In case of an emergency and disruption of land phones, calls will be forwarded to another site’s number or to the Executive Director and/or Manager of Family Services cell phone. A notification will also be posted on our Facebook page.