Parent Handbook 2023

14 Parent Engagement and Communication We communicate with parents and guardians daily to strengthen and foster the engagement of and the ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children’s needs and development. Information about the children’s well-being and care is exchanged either through verbal or written communication and electronically such as Class Dojo, Facebook and emails. Staff and providers work with the parents/guardians by valuing their input and being sensitive and knowledgeable to all needs, culture and values. Staff and providers consult with the parents/guardians on how best to approach concerns on sensitive issues regarding their children by offering support, resources and referrals to local agencies. We also role model active listening with the parents to be a co-learner in their children's developmental growth and encouraging mutual respect between families, staff and providers. "When educators establish positive, authentic, and caring relationships with families and provide a safe, non-judgemental environment for shared learning, everyone benefits." (HDLH) Community Connections We strive to have collaborative partnerships to build community connections and promote inclusion. We meet as needed with community partners to support children and families’ individual needs. Individual Support Plans are developed in consultation with all community partners involve as well as the parents to ensure that all children have the same opportunities to fully participate in our programs. We promote opportunities to engage learning, support families, children, educators and the community, so that we have meaningful experiences to promote a sense of belonging. Everyone will benefit from those experiences as we grow, listen and learn from each other. This is visible as we work together in finding resources and solutions that will meet the needs of our families in our community. We will refer to and share the “Sudbury/Manitoulin Community Resource List” with families. Virtual meetings are also available to support families. "Opportunities to engage with people, places, and the natural world in the local environment help children, families, educators, and communities build connections, learn and discover, and make contributions to the world around them." (HDLH) Professional Learning Continuous Professional Learning is important to keep current in our profession to run quality programming and to support families attending our programs with their parenting challenges and needs. Jubilee is committed in supporting staff and providers with pedagogical learning opportunities through reflective practice, professional development, mentoring programs, webinars, agency's professional development day, reflective practice evenings, book studies, community workshops, succession planning, independent research through online articles and books and related consultations with peers. All staff and providers will register on LMS-Learning Management System which will give them opportunity to register for professional development that is happening in the community and are encouraged to sign up. Staff wishing to attend, will submit a written request to their Site Lead using the Professional Development Request/Transfer to Practice Form. All staff and providers will abide by the CECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. "When educators engage in continuous learning and questioning, exploring new ideas and adjusting practices, they achieve the best outcome for children, families, and themselves." (HDLH) Revised May 2022