Parent Handbook

15 Parents are Encouraged to Participate by: ·Sharing cultural and family diversities · Joining in on a field trip · Sharing an event or talent with the children · Other idea? Share with the staff/provider In order to ease your child’s integration into day care we recommend the following: -Plan a visit to the daycare with your child before admission -Spend time with your child on their first day -A favorite bear or blanket will often help to reassure your child in difficult moments. Get to know the people who will be spending their day with your child. Snacks and Lunches Programs provide meals and snacks and have menus that are posted at each site. Good nutrition and the promotion of healthy attitudes towards food are an important part of the program. Parents are required to provide food if their child is under 12 months of age. PLEASE INFORM THE LEAD IF A CHILD HAS FOOD/OTHER ALLERGIES, SPECIAL DIET, ETC. In the infant rooms, parents are asked to provide a written schedule of lunch time feedings. Children 12 months and under, parents must supply their infants with food. Parents are responsible to cut their food to the according size. All bottles must be completely prepared whether its formula or whole milk until the child no longer requires a bottle. Staff eat with the children, children are encouraged to try everything and to feed themselves. Full day school age program children will be required to bring a bagged lunch. Bag Lunch Policy If school-age children are attending a full day program (i.e. Christmas, March Break, P.A. Days), it is the parent's responsibility to provide lunches. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by the daycare. Please follow the following procedures: If a Thinsulate lunch bag is used, please ensure that cold packs are used if items need refrigeration. If a brown bag is used, then the labelled bag can be placed in our refrigerator (if available). All lunch bags are to be labelled with the child’s name. Please ensure no peanut butter or nut products are brought to the site (this includes “may contain products”). All foods sent must follow good nutrition and the Canada’s Food Guide A few examples of recommended food items are: Fruit, Crackers, Granola, Bread, Cheese, Milk, Cold Meat, Yogurt, Fruit Juice, Vegetables. Our Program is a Peanut/Nut safe environment. Do not include foods which are low in nutritional value and/or high in sugar content including for example: Potato Chips, Pop, Candy, Chocolate Bars. A list of all allergies is posted in the classroom. If at any time a child has a life threatening allergy, we will ask parents not to send foods that may contain that allergen. Should a child forget their lunch or does not meet nutritional requirement, a phone call will be made to the parent to arrange to have one dropped off. If time doesn’t permit, Jubilee will supply a lunch for the child. Safe Arrival & Dismissal Policy Parents are responsible for dropping their children off and picking them up at the Daycare. Staff /Provider need to be notified if their child is to be picked up later than usual or by anyone other than the parent. We ask that children be dropped off before 9:30 to receive the full benefits of our programming. Parents will be expected to sign their children in and out daily, confirming hours of care received. To ensure the safety of all children and due to staffing ratios in our infant rooms it is required that the parent abide by their times of care. If you should need to change their times of care, they will need to give the daycare 2 weeks notice