Parent Handbook 2023

19 Health & Safety DUE TO SEVERE ALLERGIES; This is a Nut and Fragrance Safe environment. No nuts or nut products are to be brought into the building. Please check labels of all products brought into the Centre. Please refrain from using scented body sprays and perfumes Anaphylaxis-All children with severe identified food allergies are to supply their EpiPen and will be required to complete an Individual Health Care Plan prior to enrolment in the program. Parent/Guardian and Site Lead will complete the IHCP together to ensure all information and emergency procedures are included such as type of allergy, a description of symptoms, monitoring and avoidance strategies and appropriate treatment. The IHCP will be made readily accessible at all times to all staff and students at the centre. All staff and students will be trained on our Anaphylactic policy. For safety reasons medication cannot be left in children’s lockers, school bags or diaper bags. For kindergarten and School Age children, they will be able to keep their puffer and/or EpiPen in their backpack/fanny pack. Please complete the Medication Administration form if your child requires medication while in programming. Administration of Drugs/Medication WHENEVER POSSIBLE, PARENTS WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE MEDICATIONS TO THEIR CHILDREN AT HOME. IN THIS WAY, THE CHILD CAN BE CAREFULLY OBSERVED FOR ANY MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS OR ALLERGIC REACTIONS. 1. Only prescription medication can be administered by staff. A written authorization form from the center must be completed and signed by the parent. Separate forms must be used for each prescription. 2. Non-prescription over-the-counter topical lotions that are non-medicated (sun screen, moisturizing skin lotion, lip balm, insect repellent, hand sanitizer and diaper cream) must be accompanied by a signed authorization form located in the intake package 3. Children in the school age program may be allowed to carry their own asthma medication or emergency medication after safety factors have been reviewed by guardian and staff. 4. A prescription medication will be administered, at the facility, if: a) The medication is in the original container, as supplied by a pharmacist b) The medication has recently been prescribed, for the child, as evidenced by the date the medication was dispensed c) The prescription medication has not expired d) The label on the prescription container is clearly marked e) Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will administer drugs and medication to children as prescribed by a Physician and according to Ontario Regulation 137/15 of the Child Care & Early Years Act.