Parent Handbook 2023

18 Jubilee Heritage Family Resources will consult with parents respecting their child’s sleeping arrangements at the time the child is enrolled and at any time there is a change such as at transitions between programs or at the parent’s request. Written documentation will be included in the child’s file to reflect the child’s sleep patterns and updates will be added when they occur. In the infant programs, parents are asked to provide a written schedule of nap times. Rest time with infants will be based on the children’s individual schedule. All infants must be placed on their backs at all times. This is consistent with recommendations set out in the most current version of the Joint Statement of Safe Sleep: Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada, a document endorsed by Health Canada. It can only be waived if a note from a medical doctor is submitted to the agency and kept in the child's record. No bottles at any time will be left with an infant in the crib. Soothers will be permitted in the crib. Serious Occurrence When a Serious Occurrence happens, a notification form will be completed and posted on the parent board in an accessible place in the center/home at or near the entrance commonly used by parents. The Serious Occurrence Notification Form is posted for a minimum of 10 business days. If the form is updated with additional information such as additional actions taken by the operator, the form remains posted for an additional 10 business days from the time of the update. Students and Volunteers The Board of Directors and the staff of Jubilee Heritage Family Resources believe that a placement for a volunteer or student is a valuable opportunity to build experience while learning about working within a child care setting. Jubilee Heritage Family Resources may have Co-op and Early Childhood Education students completing practicum or volunteers working within the centre throughout the year and will ensure that each volunteer and student is supervised by a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Students and volunteers will not be left alone with the children, their mentor will accompany them at all times. No child is supervised by a person under 18 years of age. Only employees will have direct unsupervised access to children. Volunteers and students may not be counted in the staffing ratios. Immunization All children’s immunization must be up to date as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health prior to admission. Exemptions may be granted following appropriate procedures. This information is kept on file. A doctor’s note may be required before returning to the Centre for: Unusual rashes or spots, discharge from eyes, or any other symptoms indicative of a contagious disease. Staff will monitor the children for any of the following: fever, severe coughing, earaches, contagious disease and diarrhea. Children too ill to take part in daily activities cannot remain at the Centre. Health Sick children cannot be accommodated in our programming. Children with any of the following must remain absent from the program: until they have received medical attention and medication administered for 24hrs. pink eye, impetigo and head lice **In the case of head lice, children will be re-admitted when treatment is given and when nits and lice are no longer on the hair. Children who are suffering from Vomiting or Diarrhea must remain out of the program for 48 hours after their last occurrence. CHILDREN NOT WELL ENOUGH TO KEEP UP WITH PROGAMMING MUST BE KEPT AT HOME.