Parent Handbook 2023

21 Wait List Policy Jubilee Heritage Family Resources provides care to families in each of our daycare centers and our Home Childcare program. The selection of children for admission to JHFR is administered in accordance with our Waiting List Policy. The purpose of the Waiting List Policy is to ensure a fair process is followed and communicated to all involved. Each family requesting care will place themselves on the Childcare Registry via link: The family will place their child on their selected Daycare Centre waitlist. Jubilee does not charge the family or collect a fee or deposit for the placement of a child on the waiting list for admission in our childcare centre or Home Childcare Program. Jubilee will offer families a spot in our program based on the Childcare Registry and the program availability. When a space is available, we will call you or e-mail (if applicable). Every effort will be made to contact you. Telephone or email notification must be returned within 3 business days after which we will contact the next family on the list. Parents who decline a space or do not return notification within 3 business days, will be removed from the wait list. If the offered space does not meet your preferred start date, you will be removed from the waitlist and you will need to update your application’s preferred start date. Families who have been removed from the Childcare Registry will receive notification from the City of Greater Sudbury that they have been removed from the waitlist. Parents who accept an available space offered to them shall be liable for all payments for the space from the date it is reserved for their child. A returning family will not be given priority. If parents wish to withdraw their child/children from the day care for a period and then re-apply for admission at a later date, (e.g. withdraw for the summer months or parental leave) you will be required to re-apply to the Jubilee waiting list on the Childcare Registry. Please note that this excludes our St. Albert site which is closed for the summer months. Waitlist Administration and Priority: When JHFR has spaces available for registration to one of our daycares, the Site Lead refers to the Childcare Registry for applications. The Childcare Registry waitlist list is organized using the following information: A. Registration date B. Space Required date C. Age group 1) Infant: between birth and 17 months 2) Toddler: between 18 months and 30 months 3) Pre-schooler: from 31 months to 5 years D. Priority group 1) Children already enrolled (e.g. part time waiting for full time, internal transfers) • St. Albert Site: Priority goes to the children of the students attending St. Albert Adult Learning Centre. 2) Siblings of children already enrolled 3) Children of staff working at JHFR