Parent Handbook 2023

22 4) Children of employees in our school based centres 5) Children not affiliated with JHFR When a space becomes available within JHFR, Site Lead assigns the space to the first child on the waiting list. NOTE: The JHFR Executive Director and Manager of Family Services reserves the right to manage the waitlist in the best interest of JHFR daycares. If the new applicant requires Subsidize child care, the application date is effective on the date we receive confirmation from the City of Greater Sudbury that Subsidy has been approved. Families may choose to start their enrolment in the daycare prior to Subsidy approval, however, they will be required to pay full fees for this period. Waiting Times It is impossible for us to predict how quickly our waiting list will progress. Therefore, we can NOT give an approximate entry date. There are exceptions and the waiting time is affected by the number of spaces available and the time of year. Many people submit their name to the Childcare Registry waiting list, however it may take up to but not limited to 6 months to a year before their need arises. Emergency Evacuation Procedures Evacuation Procedures: Jubilee Heritage Family Resources has Emergency Management Policies and Procedures for all sites in which staff will follow to ensure the health and safety of all children and families. All daycare staff responsible for children will check attendance prior to exit and again when outside. Emergency information about the children will be kept with the attendance clipboards. Emergency bags, daycare cell phones/walkie-talkies and children's medication will be taken by the educators to the evacuation point. Lead Educator or Designate will oversee roll call of children, staff, students and volunteers. Any missing person will be reported to the emergency personnel (firefighters, police officers, etc.) Educators will ensure that all children are supervised at all times with periodical head counts. Communication with Parents: Parents will be notified by phone should children need to be picked up immediately. Parents will be notified daily, either upon drop off or pick up, of any emergency disruption that occurred in the program and fire drills. In case of an emergency and disruption of land phones, calls will be forwarded to another site’s number or to the Executive Director and/or Manager of Family Services cell phone. A notification will also be posted on our Facebook page.