Parent Handbook

29 Emergency Assistance Should a staff feel he/she is in immediate danger, the staff will contact the Lead or Designate indicate "ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED IN (SPECIFY AREA) IMMEDIATELY" All staff need to be familiar with the phone system and walkie talkie system in the building. Please refer to Emergency Procedures Section for your sites for more information. Procedure Greater awareness of and sensitivity to the rights of others will prevent harassment of any form. This complaint resolution procedure emphasizes informal resolution as a primary objective but provides both informal and formal procedures for complaint resolution. Each employee retains the right, under the Ontario Human Rights Code to decide how to respond to harassment. The following steps should be followed to resolve a problem if you feel you have been harassed: i. An employee should tell the offender clearly and firmly that the comment or conduct is unwelcome and should document and retain all pertinent details surrounding the event, should future reference be necessary. ii. If the behavior continues or if the employee feels s/he is unable to use the process set out above, the employee should feel free to notify the appropriate Lead, Department Manager, or the Executive Director, should the concern involve the aforementioned persons. The following steps will be followed when a formal complaint is initiated: i. A written complaint signed and dated shall be submitted to the Lead, Department Manager, or the Executive Director. ii. The Department Manager/Executive Director shall forward a copy of the written complaint to the person named in the complaint within five working days of receipt of the written complaint. iii. The investigative process shall begin within fifteen working days of the previous step, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. iv. If the situation cannot be resolved internally, the Executive Director will designate an independent, professional third party investigator to prepare a fact-finding investigation of the circumstances regarding the complaint. v. The third party investigator shall investigate the matter, interview both parties and relevant witnesses, and collate all fact based information related to the complaint. vi. The third party investigator shall prepare a confidential fact-finding report for the Executive Director. vii. Based on the results of the investigation, the Executive Director and the Department Manager shall make a determination as to whether or not Jubilee’s policies have been violated and what actions are to be taken as a result of the findings.