Parent Handbook

30 viii. Both parties shall be informed of the findings of the investigation. ix. Should disciplinary action be warranted, based on the nature of the findings, action may range from a letter of warning up to and including dismissal. x. All matters related to the investigation shall be kept in confidence with the Manager and the Executive Director. xi. During the course of the investigation one or both parties to the complaint may be assigned to alternate duties for the duration of the investigation, with pay and without disciplinary penalty. The following steps should be followed to resolve a problem if you are accused of harassment: i. If asked by a co-worker to stop behaviors which constitute harassment, an employee must assess his/her behavior seriously, understanding that even if they did not mean to offend, the behavior has been perceived as offensive. Cease the behavior that the person finds offensive and apologize. If the behavior is not stopped an employee will leave her/himself more vulnerable to a formal complaint, which could lead to disciplinary action if the complaint is substantiated. ii. If an employee believes the complaint is unfounded and /or made in bad faith, the matter should be discussed with the appropriate Department Manager/Lead or the Executive Director. iii. Each complaint will be reviewed through the process as set out. Employees should document their own version of the alleged incident, including times, places, what happened and any witnesses. GENERAL It is in the interest of all parties that any concern be resolved as quickly as possible. At any step of the procedure, the complainant is free to drop the complaint and no further action will occur. Likewise, at any step of the procedure, the complainant is free to file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. If an employee feels uncomfortable with the complaint procedure, he or she may obtain help, support, or advice or representation through: • A Representative from the Health and Wellness Committee • The Human Rights Commission All personal matters will be kept confidential.