Parent Handbook

31 Client Issue Resolution Process Jubilee Heritage Family Resources requires that all program users are treated fairly, equitable and respectfully: that all services are child and/or family centered and sensitive to the diversity and include system and stakeholder collaboration. In recognition of parents and caregivers as partners, all Jubilee staff/Providers and services endeavor to ensure the following rights to parents. Parents and caregivers right to: • Information • All options/resources available to child and/or family, information on each child’s progress • Protection of Privacy • Make decisions • Right to services available • Right to participate i.e. to have the opportunity to share information to team, right to observe. Should program users feel that any of the above is not being adhered to for client; Issue Resolution Process should be followed within; Issue Resolution should first occur with the individuals involved. Program users should talk to staff/provider to identify the issues. The staff /Provider will be expected to use the problem solving techniques to achieve a solution acceptable for both. The staff/ provider involved will be expected to record the issue and the successful or attempted resolution. A space for parent’s comments and signature will be included. If an acceptable resolution for both parties cannot be achieved, the parents should contact the staff/providers immediate Lead or Elizabeth Hamilton –Executive Director and they will contact you within 24hrs The Lead will meet with the parent and staff/provider, review all pertinent information and interview others as may be required. The Lead will then provide remedies. If a consensus is achieved, the remedy will be implemented. The issue will be recorded including date, times, incident and will include space for member comments and sign off. If a consensus is not achieved or the remedy cannot be implemented the Lead, they shall forward the matter to the Executive Director, contact will be made with the family within 24hrs. The Executive Director will review the matter, including but not limited to a thorough investigation of all written materials, relevant information and interviews with members, staff and others as appropriate and provide written suggested remedies. If a consensus is achieved, the remedy will be implemented. If not, the matter will be forwarded to the Board by the Executive Director through the correspondence file. A copy of this letter will be given to the parent. The Board will review correspondence of this nature at the next Board meeting. Final complaints directly to the Board shall not be impeded if the member: • Has exhausted the internal procedure and • Alleges that Jubilee Heritage Family Resources Policy has been violated to the detriment of the child and family. • The policy itself is insufficiently cognizant of civil or human rights and dignity. Copies of this policy will be provided to the parents and caregivers at point of intake.