Parent Handbook

9 Full Fee Families Jubilee Heritage Family Resources requests a 2 week prepayment of care upon enrolment into our Program. Fees will be calculated at time of intake and payment is required before first day of care. The 2 week prepayment will be applied to your first invoice. Subsidized Families Jubilee Heritage Family Resources welcomes families who are in receipt of subsidy from the City of Greater Sudbury Children Services Department. Should you wish to begin care prior to subsidy approval, Jubilee requests an ongoing 2 week prepayment. Families who are in receipt of Subsidy may be directed by the City of Greater Sudbury to pay a Monthly Contribution to Jubilee. Monthly Contributions are due by the 20th of each month. Once subsidy has been approved, you will be reimbursed the 2 week prepayment minus any care that is not part of your subsidy approval. Families who have been approved through the City of Greater Sudbury for care based on their work schedule will adhere to our policy of providing a work schedule prior to receiving care. Schedules can be sent in on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Should you not be able to attend on the days you were scheduled to work (child sickness), you will be marked as absent. Please be sure to record this on your calendar that you send to Children’s Services each month. Medical Days (Does not apply to Home Childcare Program) Jubilee Heritage Family Resources supports families with ongoing medical treatments. Should a child be enrolled into programming with a pre-existing medical condition, Jubilee will not bill the family for days in which the child has to attend medical treatments. In order to honour this policy, the family must submit days requested for non- billing 2 weeks in advance. A doctor’s note for the treatment will be requested upon return to the daycare centre. Medical Days policy will only be approved for treatment of the pre-existing condition. This policy will only apply to children receiving medical treatment. Should a sibling be enrolled in a daycare program and absent due to their sibling’s treatments, they will not be credited for the absent days. Each case will be considered on a case by case basis with final approval of the Executive Director. Vacation Credits (Does not apply to Home Childcare Program) Vacation Credits are to be used when families are away from the program and do not want to be invoiced for their absence. After each consecutive year enrolled in our programming (12 months from your start date), families will be allotted Vacation Credits based on their previous year’s enrollment in which the City and families will not be invoiced, and their space is held. If a family is enrolled for 4 days a week- family will be entitled to 8 vacation credits. Please note that unused vacation credits do not roll over into the next year and cannot be accumulated. Families are to advise their Lead of their request 2 weeks prior of when they would like to use their vacation credits. Families who would like to apply a vacation credit to a sick day or absent day, can only apply it within the current month. Prior to advising/confirming families request, the Lead will confirm with the Office Coordinator the amount of Vacation Credits families are entitled to. Withdrawal A minimum of two week notice prior to withdrawing a child from care is required. Notice must be given to the Lead/Provider in writing. A Withdrawal Form will be provided to you. All fees must be paid before the child’s last day. If parents choose to give less than two weeks notice, they will be required to pay for the two week period. If parents are unwilling to follow the Centre policies and procedures, they may be required to withdraw their children from the program.