Parent Handbook 2023

16 To ensure the safety of all children and due to staffing ratios in our infant rooms it is required that the parent abide by their times of care. If you should need to change their times of care, they will need to give the daycare 2 weeks notice before putting this into place. Children will not be released to persons other than the parents and anyone on the authorization form, photo identification is required. In the event that any authorized person picking up a child is intoxicated or is deemed unsafe in any way, staff are instructed to arrange for an alternate authorized person. If staff is unsuccessful in doing so, the Greater City of Sudbury Police Dept. and the Children’s Aid Society will be contacted. Transportation Staff will not be able to release a child to any unauthorized volunteer CAS or taxi drivers. Taxi drivers must show photo identification at pick up. Closure due to Weather When weather dictates closure of Sudbury Transit services, the Centre will be closed. The parents are responsible for listening to social media for these announcements. If closure occurs during the day, parents will be contacted immediately to pick up their children. Body of Water for Home Child Care Program Prohibit the use of and access to all standing bodies of water (e.g., ponds) and recreational in-ground / aboveground swimming, portable / "kiddie" / inflatable wading-type, and hydro-massage pools, hot tubs, and spas located on the premises of any single or multi dwelling private residence, including a provider's own house, townhouse complex or apartment building where the provider resides, for children under the supervision / care of the contracted private-home day care provider in his / her capacity as a child care provider during operating hours. Continue to ensure that, where applicable, all LHDC homes that have standing bodies of water / swimming pools are in compliance with local by-laws requiring private residences with standing bodies of water / pools etc. in their catchment area to have an enclosure (e.g., fence and a latched gate). Clothing Please dress children in comfortable washable clothing- THEY WILL GET DIRTY! The following is required AT ALL TIMES: complete change of clothing- socks, underwear, shoes, sunscreen, diapers, wipes and special lotions or creams. SUMMER: sun hat, swimsuit, shorts, towel SPRING/FALL: boots, rain wear WINTER: snowsuits, boots, hat, scarf, mittens Outdoor Play Weather permitting, the children will play outside daily. Staff will bring children in when they appear to be cold. During hotter weather, the staff will use caution providing shade and drinking water. The staff will also monitor the air quality and smog advisories. If necessary, indoor activities will replace outdoor schedule. Field Trips Trips are made to special places of interest. Parents will be informed and written consent will be required for each trip. You are welcome to join us.