Parent Handbook

17 Where a child has not arrived in care as expected 1. Where a child does not arrive at the child care centre and the parent/guardian has not communicated a change in drop-off (e.g., has not left a voice message, posted on Class Dojo, email Site Lead or advised the closing staff at pick-up the night before), the staff in the classroom must: o Inform the Site Lead/Designate, and the staff must commence contacting the child’s parent/guardian no later than 20 minutes after their expected arrival time each morning. Staff shall contact the parent/guardian #1 via phone. Should no one answer leave a voice message then send written message on Class Dojo. Should there be no response, follow the same steps for parent guardian #2. All program staff will contact parents/guardians using both methods above before moving to the next step. Should the staff not have the time to complete the calls, the staff will inform the Site Lead/Designate and they will follow through with the above steps. 2. Once the child’s absence has been confirmed, program staff shall document the child’s absence on the attendance record and any additional information about the child’s absence in the daily written record. Releasing a child from care 1. The staff who is supervising the child at the time of pick-up shall only release the child to the child’s parent/guardian or individual that the parent/guardian has provided written authorization that the child care may release the child to. Where the staff does not know the individual picking up the child (i.e., parent/guardian or authorized individual), o confirm with another staff member that the individual picking up is the child’s parent/guardian/authorized individual. o where the above is not possible, ask the parent/guardian/authorized individual for photo identification and confirm the individual’s information against the parent/guardian/authorized individual’s name on the child’s file or written authorization. Where a child has not been picked up and the centre is closed 1. Where a parent/guardian or authorized individual who was supposed to pick up a child from care and has not arrived by 1 minute after closing time, staff shall ensure that the child is given a snack and activity, while they await their pick-up. 2. One staff shall stay with the child, while a second staff proceeds with calling the parent/guardian to advise that the child is still in care and inquire their pick-up time. In the case where the person picking up the child is an authorized individual, the staff shall contact the parent/guardian first. If they cannot be reached, then proceed to contact the authorized individual responsible for pick-up if unable to reach the parent/guardian. 3. If the staff is unable to reach the parent/guardian or authorized individual who was responsible for picking up the child, the staff shall contact the individual(s) that are listed on the child’s file authorized pick-up list. 4. Where the staff is unable to reach the parent/guardian or any other authorized individual listed on the child’s file (e.g., the emergency contacts) by 30 minutes after closing, the staff shall proceed with contacting the local Children’s Aid Society (CAS) 705-566-3113 Staff shall follow the CAS’s direction with respect to next steps.